JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts, weekending Feb 13, 2009

JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts, weekending Feb 13, 2009
Love Affairs Brett Mycles Unseen OverDrive

No.1...Love Affairs (BelAmi)
No.2...Breet Mycles Unseen (Jet Set Men)
No.3...Over Drive (Titan Media)
No.4...To the Last Man (Raging Stallion Studios)
No.5...Masterpiece (Hot House Entertainment)
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breakintherules1.jpg breakintherules2.jpg
The newest DVD released from Helix Studio, "Breaking the Rules" got the 6th ranking in JRL Charts.
Watch Trailer of "Breaking the Rules"

JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts

JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts, weekending Jan.23, 2009
No.1...To the Last Man (Raging Stallion Studios)
No.2...Plantin' Seed Part 3(Treasure Island Media)
No.3...Lemonade (BelAmi)
No.4...Return to Fire Island Part 1(Lucas Entertainment)
No.5...Home Invasion (Titan)
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plantin-seed1.jpg plantin-seed2.jpg
PLANTIN' SEED 3 features more gut-breeding, hole-pounding piston-fucking action than ever. Our fuck-crew for PS3 features the likes of thick-dicked TIM manrammers BRAD MCGUIRE, DAN FISK, DEREK ANTHONY, JERRY STEARNS, PHOENIX SANCHEZ (and many more). And these guys proudly show off what they do best: plantin' their seed in the holes of insatiable cumholes like jizz-dumps CHRISTIAN, JAY ROSS, TOBER BRANDT, MARK DIXON and newcomer TIM SKYLER.

To-The-Last-Man-thumbnail.jpg plantin-seed-3.jpg Lemonade
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Protect Yourself from AIDS and Live Long Enough to Find The Right One

JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts

JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts, weekending Jan.16, 2009
No.1...To the Last Man (Raging Stallion Studios)
No.2...Invasion (Titan)
No.3...Lemonade (BelAmi)
No.4...Horse Club (Raging Stallion Studios)
No.5...Inside Out (Colt)
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lastman1.jpg lastman1.jpg
Butch Harris, Mannet.com - "*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***"
- There is porn, and then there is "To the Last Man," a production so elaborate and expert that I have never seen anything quite like it. Rough and rugged and raunchy, and Raging Stallion's the best ever, which is saying a lot, since they have been behind some of the hottest gay porn of the 21st century. It is the best gay porn has to offer -- think "Deadwood" meets "There Will Be Blood" meets an extremely hot Raging Stallion sex flick.

To-The-Last-Man-thumbnail.jpg HomeInvasion.jpg Lemonade
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JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts

JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts, weekending Jan.9, 2009
No.1...Inside Out (COLT)
No.2...Malibu Heat (Falcon)
No.3...Invasion (Titan)
No.4...Muscle Mountain (Jet Set Men)
No.5...Bareback & Beyond (Fratboy Studios)
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GayVN Ranking Top 100 Gay Rentals For The Month Of Jan. 2000
No.1... Johan's Journal: Sun Kissed (BelAmi)
No.2... Slide (Jet Set Men)
No.3... Folsom Underground (Titan)
No.4... Best Men 2: The Wedding Party (Falcon)
No.5... Wood Work (Hot House Entertainment)

slide-1.jpg slide-2.jpg
Watch Trailer of "Muscle Mountain"

Inside-Out.jpg MalibuHeat.jpg HomeInvasion.jpg

face1.gif Sad news for all of us who had some of our first dirty fantasies watching hunky men on the pages of Playgirl magazine; Playgirl is shutting down its paper publication and will be available exclusively on the web."Playgirl is going all-Web. The last print issue will be the Jan/Feb 2009 magazine." says Nicole Caldwell, Playgirl's editor-in-chief.

PLAYGIRL200901.jpg PlayGirl2009cal.jpg
Final Issue and Calendar 2009
Coverguy: Sean Patrick
Features: 35th Anniversary Collectors' Edition!
All-Star Reunion! Then & Now Photos: Randy Jones, Brian Moss & Don Williams
Plus! Mexico Seascapes, NC-17 Film Feuds, Straight Strap-On Sex
20 Hard Men, 12 Hot Months!


JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts

JRL Gay Rental Video Weekly Charts, weekending Jan.2, 2009
Inside-Out.jpg muscle-mountain.jpg Enter-My-Raw-Dragon.jpg

No.1...Inside Out (Colt)
No.2...Muscle Mountain (Jet Set Men)
No.3...Enter My Raw Dragon (Rising Son Video)
No.4...A+2 (Bel Ami)
No.5...Skin Deep Part.2 (Kristen Bjorn Productions)
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Jason Pitt, Newbie @Jet Set Men
JasonPitt Click to Enlarge

muscle11.jpg muscle12.jpg
Watch Trailer of "Muscle Mountain" / Jet Set Men
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